Good Things…

I’m sure many mothers over the years have issued those immortal words, “Good things come to those who wait.”

As cliché as it may sound, in this case it is certainly true.

While we had certainly hoped to have released the site by now, we recognize that we have some further fine tuning and testing to do before we can fully release the Car Show Solutions website to the public.

This site has been a monumental undertaking and the development and testing teams have been working long hours to complete the robust set of features within the site.

We are very close to launch, but we feel the prudent course of action is to continue to finalize the first phase of development, fine tune some of the functionality and stabilize the code so the testing team can perform the crutial site-wide software quality assurance tasks so we can provide our members with the best possible user experience from the site.

While we cannot provide a solid release date at this juncture, we do anticipate the release to be within a couple of weeks.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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4 Thoughts to “Good Things…”

  1. Robert Woodcock

    Anyway of finding out the details on the judging form for my car entered in the Rock’n August 2014? Car #0472. I’m interested in finding out what the judges think the car is lacking.

  2. cssadmin

    Hello Robert,

    The Rock’n August judging forms contain only 3 judging criteria:
    – Interior
    – Exterior
    – Overall

    All 3 judging criteria are scored out of a maximum of 25 points each, for a total score of a maximum of 75 points.

    There was no other information or even the name of the judge who did the judging on any particular car, so there wouldn’t have been any other information available on the form.

    Rock’n August will be posting the Winner’s list on the website in the coming weeks, should you be interested in reviewing the winner’s of your class.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t help further!

  3. Rob

    It has been quiet on the site since last August. Any further development? Any planned release date?

    1. cssadmin

      Hello Rob,

      Yes, it has been quiet too long. We received some very important feedback from the Rock ‘N August car show and wanted to implement some important feature enhancements before we launch the site.

      We are still doing some testing and bug squishing but I assure you, we are very close… but I can’t commit to a release date just yet.

      I will post a release date just as soon as the development and testing team are confident we are 100% ready to launch.

      Thank you for your interest!

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