The Car Show Solutions website is now LIVE!

“After over 16 months of development, thousands of lines of code, many months of testing and countless pots of coffee, we are pleased to announce that the Car Show Solutions website was released.”  announced Roger Jamieson, President and CEO.

“We certainly had hoped to release in the early spring to meet the timing of the start of the show season but we were not willing to compromise the quality of the site to rush the release.” added Mr. Jamieson.  “We are confident we made the right decision.”

Car Show Solutions provides a complete online car show management, registration, judging and reporting solution for event participants and administrators alike.

“Unlike traditional car show management solutions, CSS is web-based, which supports multiple users, participants can pre-register online and judging results are instant and accurate.” explained Mr. Jamieson.  “This is not possible using paper registration or judging forms or Excel spreadsheets.”

“Car Show Solutions is also free to join.  There is no cost for membership.” added Mr. Jamieson.

CSS v1.5 offers a wide range of features for car show administrators and event participants.  For more information on features, please see our How It Works page.

For more information or general inquiries, please contact us.


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