New People’s Choice functionality

The release of v1.6 of Car Show Pro on Aug 2, 2015 showcased the much anticipated new feature, People’s Choice Voting.

People’s Choice allows the general public to vote for their favourite auto(s) in the show through a variety of methods:

  1. The attendee can scan a new QR Code on the participant’s Dash Card.  Scanning the QR Code automatically brings up the People’s Choice voting page with a confirmation box with the respective auto ID.  The attendee only needs to confirm their choice and the vote is automatically entered and counted in the database.
  2. The attendee can view the Car Show Pro website in their mobile browser, search for the event and view the event details page.  From there, they can select the Vote button under the People’s Choice section.  The People’s Choice Voting page is displayed, allowing the attendee to enter or search for an auto ID.  The confirmation box is displayed with the respective auto ID (as above).  The attendee only needs to confirm their choice and the vote is automatically entered and counted in the database.
  3. The Event administrator can print People’s Choice voting tickets, where attendees can make their selection, recording their choice on the ticket for manual vote counting by event staff (as has been done in the past).  The event admin enters the vote counts for each auto ID as required.
CSP Dash Card
Car Show Pro sample Dashcard showing the new People’s Choice QR Code


Once the voting has completed, the event administrator can print the People’s Choice Winner’s List, an automated report which displays the list of winners.  The number of winners can be set by the administrator.

“We wanted to release the new People’s Choice functionality as quickly as possible as this was a feature many of our clients were requesting.” explained Roger Jamieson, President of Car Show Pro.

“Typically a People’s Choice voting system involved creating paper voting tickets that the general public would fill out with their choice for a winner.  That ticket would then have to be dropped off, usually at the registration desk.  Event staff would then be required to tally all the votes for the various autos, sort and compile those votes and determine a winner.”

“It was a cumbersome and time consuming task, to be certain.”

“Our system can automate and track all the People’s Choice voting and remove the need for event staff or admins to manually count votes, or event admins can count and manually add or delete votes for any auto ID in the system to account for paper voting tickets.”

Additionally, People’s Choice can be configured one of two ways:

  • Popular Vote – This option allows attendees to vote for one auto in the show, regardless of auto classification.  This is the default option for People’s Choice voting.  Attendees may only vote for one auto per day of the show.  Attendees may change their vote at any time.
  • Vote by Classification – This option allows attendees to vote for one auto in each auto classification.  This option allows event administrators to award a People’s Choice for each auto classification and greatly increases interaction with show attendees.  Attendees may only vote for one auto per classification per day of the show.  Attendees may change their vote at any time.

“It’s a very flexible and highly customizable feature.” remarked Mr. Jamieson.

“By using a new QR Code on the Dash Card, attendees can quickly and easily vote for an auto, or change their vote later if they see a car they like better.” boasted Mr. Jamieson. ” It’s very simple and easy to use.”

“After we released the Judges QR Code on the Dash Cards, we received a lot of very positive feedback.  Administrators and judges wanted a quick and easy way to simplify the judging process, and we saw the benefit of using QR Codes so we decided to implement it for the People’s Choice Voting system as well.”

“We continue to strive to find solutions for all car show administrators, judges and staff that will increase efficiency, decrease paperwork and make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.”

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