Car Show Pro Goes Down Under

That’s right!  Car Show Pro is now available in Australia!

Several months ago I was approached by a few gentlemen in Australia who wanted to use Car Show Pro after they researched the available solutions online to help manage their growing car show.

As is often the case, they too were increasingly growing weary of putting on their car show, as it became harder every year to accommodate the increasing numbers of participants.  After finding Car Show Pro, they noticed it wasn’t available in Australia so they called up and told me their story.

They had been looking for a solution for awhile and really liked what they saw with Car Show Pro and had asked if it was possible to use Car Show Pro for their upcoming show in November.  Initially I told them there was no possible way I could make the enhancements in time for their show this year.  Undeterred, another gentleman involved in the show called to try and persuade me to see if there was any chance this could happen, as they were very interested in using the system.

After some hard work by the developers working under a tight time frame, we managed to make the necessary changes to make the system compatible with Australia, including tweaking the data import function to allow the import of Australian participant data from their current registration system.

Their show on November 5th was a great success and they’ll be using it again for their future shows as well as spreading the word about Car Show Pro to other shows in the country!

Very happy we were able to accommodate under a tight timeline!

I was going to sign off with a cheesy Australian line, but, after more consideration, I’ll just sign off.


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