New Version – v2.9.3

We’re pleased to announce the release of v2.9.3.

While this is a minor release, this new version provides some new functionality:

  • New Consolidated Event Administration section
    • The Event Administration section has been re-designed to incorporate the Event Judging and Event Staffing functionality.  This re-design makes it easier for Event Administrators, Judges and Staff to access all the functionality in one place.  This should improve the user experience and reduce confusion.
    • Each user can now easily see which user role they are assigned for an event.  Your user role is clearly displayed to the right of the event title on the Event Adminstration screen, with a link to our Knowledge Base to allow new users to learn more about the user roles, quickly and easily.
    • All the event functionality buttons  (i.e. Edit Settings, View Participants, Judge Autos, etc) are now displayed, providing consistency between various events.  If a user role prevents a user from accessing a particular section, the other buttons will be disabled (i.e. if a user is logged in as a Judge, then they will only have access to event judging functions and the Edit Settings, View Participants and Reports buttons will be disabled).  Additionally, if a judge or staff member tries to access the event prior to 24 hours before the event, some buttons may be disabled until event access is granted.  Disabled buttons have an explanatory message when hovered over with a mouse to explain why the button is disabled.  This should improve the user experience.
  • New ‘Zero Score’ option in Judging
    • Event Administrators can now opt to allow judges to enter a ‘zero’ score when judging an auto.  This option addresses customer requests for a ‘zero’ score option.

Car Show Pro continues to provide additional enhancements and feature requests our valued customers have asked for, providing the most features and customization in the auto show management industry.

To learn more about car show pro, check out our Features page, or call us toll-free @ 1-844-855-4277 to learn how Car Show Pro can help you run your car show more efficiently.

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