A Bum’s Charities Auto, Truck and Bike Show

Very happy to welcome back A Bum’s Charities Auto, Truck and Bike Show for another year, in Plattsburg, MO.

This is a great event hosted put on by a great guy, Tom Morsbach.  Last year’s show showcased 108 cars and this year looks even better!

Tom had a brilliant idea of pairing up boys from the scout troop with judges for the show.  Some of the judges weren’t comfortable using a cell phone or tablet for electronic judging, so each judge was paired up with a boy scout.  The judge would judge the auto and the boy scout would enter the scores into Car Show Pro.

Mixing young and old, this is a great way to get your car show judged electronically.  The judges got to teach the boys a bit a bit about classic cars and the scouts got to learn a bit about old cars and judging!

Be sure to check out this event: https://carshowpro.com/event/233


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