NEW!!! Concours Judging and reports!

I am *VERY* excited to announce that we have released our new v3.3!

This new version features:

  • Concours Judging support: Car Show Pro now supports Concours style judging (point deduction method of scoring). This new enhancement allows judges to quickly and easily deduct points (or partial points) for defects or demerits. More information on our supported judging formats
  • Judge Notes: Judges can now add notes to all judging criteria and/or a general note on the scoring page. Event administrators can control judge notes (on or off) in the event administration section.
  • General admin notes: Event administrators, staff and judges can add general admin notes for a participant. This is a handy option to track information which will not be shared with the participant.
  • Judge Reports: New Judge Reports allow event admins and head judges to print a detailed judge report with all the scoring details of the judges, either for an individual auto ID or multiple auto IDs. Additionally, a new Judge Report – Winner’s List report details the scoring info for all the winners. These reports are available in PDF format, which you can download or print right from the browser!

Car Show Pro continually strives to further enhance and expand the functionality to provide event administrators and participants alike with the best possible experience and most customizable car show solution in the industry.

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