Judging Formats

Judge Your Event... Your Way!

Car Show Pro offers flexible judging solutions, so you can use the software in the manner which best suits your individual show.

CSP offers 3 supported judging formats:

Traditional Judging

The most common judging format, suitable for most shows:

Each judge must provide a score for each judging criteria for that auto. One or more judges may score an auto.

If multiple judges score the same auto, an average score is produced.

Freestyle Judging

A great solution for 'team' judging:

Judges may 'skip' judging criteria while scoring an auto. This is useful for those shows where one judge may be responsible for scoring one area of the auto, such as the Exterior, while another judge scores the Interior and yet another judge scores the Engine.

The combination of the separate judges scores provide an aggregate score for the auto.

Concours Judging

A 'point deduction' method of scoring:

With Concours style judging, each auto starts with a theoretical 'perfect score'. For each demerit or defect, a point (or a partial point) is deducted for that judging criteria. Concours judges may score an individual area of an auto, or may score the entire auto.

An individual judge or multiple judges may be used to score the auto. If multiple judges score the same auto, an aggregate score is produced.