Still using paper registration and judging forms?

Struggling with an Excel spreadsheet to manage your car show?

There is a better way!

Car Show Pro (CSP) is a complete online solution to streamline and automate the car show experience for both car show participants as well as event producers.

Watch our explainer video for an introduction to the features and benefits of using Car Show Pro to manage your car show.

Free Membership Sign-up

Car show participants can sign up for Car Show Pro quickly and easily (and FREE!).

Build your Garage with all your classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, then register for events with just a few clicks. You'll even be able to view registration info for past events to track your participation.

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Beautiful and Smart Dashcards

We've got the best Dashcards in the business.

Your event information and logo are prominently displayed along with the auto ID and participant auto and owner information.

Additionally, our Dashcards feature a smart QR Code, allowing both judges and spectators access to quick, easy and automated voting.

Use our built-in QR Code Scanner to scan QR Codes in the show!

Spectators and Judges can also manually enter the voting URL below the QR Code or search for an Auto ID on the People's Choice page or Judging page respectively.

For more information: CSP Knowledge Base > Dashcards

Built-In QR Code Scanner

Scan QR Codes straight from the main menu.

Our built-in QR Code Scanner allows you to quickly scan QR Codes on the Dashcards. No need to download a 3rd party QR Code reader!

The QR Code Scanner works for both People's Choice Voting as well as event judges. Works with most Apple & Android browsers ( QR Code Scanning is not compatible with laptop or desktop browsers ).

Still want to use a 3rd party scanner or your iPhone camera? No problem! That works too.

( You must allow access to your camera to use the built-in QR Code Scanner )

Flexible Event Judging

There are alot of different ways to run a car show. For events that utilize show judges, Car Show Pro offers three judging formats, so you can run your show your way:

  •   Traditional Judging - Each show judge must provide a score for each judging criteria.
  •   Freestyle Judging - Judges can 'skip' judging criteria, a great solution for team judging.
  •   Concours Judging - Judges utilize a 'point deduction' system where, for each demerit, a full or partial point is deducted from a preset 'maximum' point value.

Multiple judges may score the same auto, producing an 'averaged' score.

For more infomation: Judging Formats

People's Choice Voting

People's Choice allows spectators to vote for their favorite auto in the show using their smartphone.
Spectators can vote using one of the three voting methods below:

  •   Scan the QR Code on the Dashcard for the auto they wish to vote for (easiest method)
  •   Enter the voting URL, located below the QR Code, into their mobile browser (for those without a QR Code reader)
  •   Manually search for an Auto ID from the People's Choice Voting page for that event

Event administrators can choose from 2 People's Choice voting options:

  •   Best in Show - All autos compete together, producing a winner's list. Auto classes are ignored.
  •   Best in Class - Each auto class competes individually, producing a winner's list for each auto class.

We even offer a paper ticket option as an alternative method for voting to accomodate those spectators without a smartphone!

For more information: CSP Knowledge Base > People's Choice

Powerful Event Administration Tools

Car Show Pro is highly customizable to conform to your show and you'll maintain complete control over your show details. Event administrators can:

  •   Add event staff and judges to help manage the show
  •   Create and edit unlimited auto classifications
  •   Create custom judging criteria for each auto classification
  •   Create unlimited special awards
  •   Create a photo gallery of past events
  •   Add sponsor information
  •   Add links to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  •   Embed a link on your website to direct users to your event page on the Car Show Pro website for more information and registration
  •   Print and/or export winner's lists, mailing lists and statistical information

You can even create a new event using last year's event details, saving you time and effort setting up future events.

Accept Registrations Online or At Your Event

Event producers can specify whether to accept registrations online, at the event or both!

Reduce registration line-ups by allowing participants to 'pre-register' online weeks or even months in advance or choose to accept registrations solely at the event, or both. The choice is yours.

We can even take care of credit card processing for online registrations.

For more information: CSP Knowledge Base > Online and/or Onsite Registration

Supports Multiple Event Staff and Judges

Event producers can assign multiple staff and judges for the show. This helps reduce registration line-ups on the day of the show and expediting the judging process, resulting in a more efficient and pleasurable experience.

No Monthly Fees or 'Package' Pricing

Our service is based on a 'per registration' basis. There are no monthly fees or 'package' pricing and all event producers have access to all our features, not just the big guys!

For more information on our pricing, please view our Pricing FAQs or Contact Us.

Say Goodbye to Paper Forms

Registration and judging can be performed without the hassle of filling out, tracking, sorting and scoring paper forms. The system automatically updates winner's lists as cars are judged and event administrators can easily track the progress of auto judging and print reports (a printer is required).

No Special App Required

Our software runs entirely over the web using the most commonly available browsers. There is no requirement to download, install and update apps. It runs on virtually any laptop, tablet or smart phone using the latest standards of web development to ensure maximum compatibility across multiple platforms. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection and you can host your event almost anywhere.

NOTE: To print Dashcards and reports, a laptop and printer is required.

Features Brochure

Learn more about our key features and view sample Dashcards which you can use to preview the People's Choice Voting and Judging functionality.

View our Features Brochure PDF

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